About Ryker

About Ryker Thomas

Ryker Blake is a passionate explorer and outdoor enthusiast who loves to explore the wilds of Greater Canyonlands. Born and raised in Utah, Ryker has always had a deep connection with nature and the outdoors. He grew up camping, fishing, and exploring the canyons of his home state.

As an adult, Ryker decided to take his passion for exploration to the next level by visiting Greater Canyonlands. He was drawn to this area because of its unique geology, stunning landscapes, and abundance of wildlife. During his visits to Greater Canyonlands, Ryker has hiked through some of the most remote areas in Utah, explored slot canyons, and encountered some of the region’s most iconic wildlife species such as bighorn sheep and golden eagles.

In addition to exploring Greater Canyonlands on foot, Ryker also enjoys taking part in various recreational activities such as mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, and horseback riding. He also loves photography and often takes pictures of the breathtaking scenery he encounters during his travels.

Ryker is an advocate for conservation efforts in Greater Canyonlands and works with local organizations to help protect this special place for future generations. He believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the beauty of this region and hopes that his efforts will help ensure that it remains a wild and wonderful place for years to come.

Ryker also believes that it is important to educate people about the importance of conservation and the need to protect Greater Canyonlands. He often speaks at schools and other events about the importance of preserving this area for future generations. He also works with local organizations to help raise awareness about the threats facing Greater Canyonlands, such as climate change, overgrazing, and pollution.