Magical Cinnamon Rituals

Cinnamon is a cinnamon ritual  of positive energy. In fact, it is a popular choice amongst energy healers to use for clearing negative energies and welcoming in abundance. It is known to promote love, wealth and success in many different aspects of life such as relationships, finances, career and spiritual growth. So if you are ready to invite more of these blessings into your life, try out the following magical cinnamon ritual.

The most famous and most commonly practiced cinnamon ritual is sprinkling cinnamon powder at your doorstep. It is believed that this can help you attract good luck and positive energy into your house and home. This is often performed on the first day of each month to manifest new beginnings, wealth and prosperity for the upcoming year. It is also a common ritual during the holidays or upon moving into a new home.

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Other popular rituals include burning a stick of cinnamon in your fireplace and brewing cinnamon tea. This is said to help bring in prosperity, protection, healing and love. It is also done during the new moon and full moon to amplify your intentions.

It is recommended to speak your intention out loud during this ritual to amplify it and to make sure it is clear. However, if you do not feel comfortable doing this, that is okay too! Ultimately, it is important that you believe and trust that this ritual will work for you. This way, the energy will be more effective.